Price list


Check-in 15:00 - 18:00 and check-out the next day at 12:00 (day in the price list)
NB! Later check-in by prior arrangement.


Room for three people

one wide and one narrow bed

25 € person / day

Room for two people

seperate beds

25 € person / day

Shared toilet, shower and kitchen between the two rooms

Camping houses

Camping house on the shore of the lake

Two seperate beds + foldable sofa for two

25 € person / day

Camping house on the lake

One wide bed + foldable sofa for two

25 € person / day

Tenting area

The camping site is located right on the shore of Lake Tõhela, just a few steps away from the swimming beach, the boat bridge and the lookout tower. The lodger has a fireplace, shelters for sitting and eating, and an outdoor toilet.
It is possible to buy firewood and kindling cubes.

Tent area 5 € tent/ day
Car parking 5 € car / day
Motor home / caravan /
Car with a trailer 15 € / day

Firewood 40L 5 €
Kindling cubes 2 €

Use of electricity 5 € / day
Pet* 5 € / day
*We only accommodate vacationers with pets in camping houses.

Campsites and tents have a fire place, shelters for sitting and eating, and an outdoor toilet.


*Night peace 23.00 - 07.00!

*The use of candles and all kinds of fireworks is only allowed with prior agreement!

*The purchaser of the service shall pay for damage to the building, inventory or landscaping according to the invoice submitted by the owner. A damage fee of 50 euros must be paid for tearing the bark from birch trees or gutting fish at the swimming beach.


Sauna rental by the hour until 23.00 25 € hour / min 2 hours
Sauna first floor rental 150 € / day
Sauna first and second floor rental 250 € / day
Sauna towel rental 2€ / day

Boat rental

Katran 30 € / 2H
(Electric engine)

Rowing boat 10 € / 2 H | 25 € / day
Life vest rental 2 €/ person