ELAN massage bus - Enjoy life!

Massage is the best-known way of stress relief and tension relief. It accelerates metabolism, restores lost energy and brings perfect satisfaction. We offer the opportunity to enjoy various massages in our mobile massage salon, or massage bus, which you can call anywhere that is easily accessible by car. Our bus contains everything necessary for the client to feel comfortable, including a high-quality electric massage table, a changing room and, if necessary, the possibility of using the toilet.

The massage usually offered on the bus is a mixture of different types of massage, energy therapy and osteopathy techniques, but you can also order a massage with a classical, lymphatic, cosmetic or bioenergy massage machine.

Each massage is a creation that takes into account the wishes and needs of a specific client.

Massage price:

Our prices depend on the service area, the duration of the massage and the number of clients. For more than four clients who want a massage on the same day and in the same place, we offer a cheaper price.

The price of a 50-minute massage is between 35 - 45 euros.

It is possible to order a massage of shorter or longer duration (25 min price range 20 - 25 €, 80 min - price range 50 - 60 €), but the minimum departure fee is 70 €. When ordering a bus more than 25 km from Tőhela, the delivery fee is added.

In Tõhela Paadipesa, you can enjoy discounted prices on massage (30 min - 20 €, 50  min - 35 €)

Call, ask for an offer and order a massage parlor at your door!

Additional information and appointment booking 5635 9313 Elo