Tõhela Paadipesa

The foundation for the creation of Tõhela Paadipesa was laid in 2001, when the construction of a resting place began on former farm pastures by Lake Tõhela. In 2007, a canal was dug for boats, later a boat bridge was built and ordinary boats were replaced with tar boats. The boats for rent in the boathouse are unique catamaran-type vessels, they have been developed and built taking into account the local conditions and needs. The boats have a smooth bottom and are very stable. Five picnic tables were installed in 2012, and today we also offer accommodation in rooms (year-round) and in two camping houses (in the summer), and the possibility to enjoy a sauna and massage has been added.

Lake Tõhela

The area of ​​the lake is 407 ha, the largest water depth is measured at 1.5 meters. The thickness of the mud is suggested to be 6-7m. Tõhela lake is known to be the lowest lake in Estonia. There are many fish in the lake (tench, pike, koger) and the lake is a nesting place for many waterfowl.


In Tõhela Paadipesa, there is a massage room to serve customers, but considering the peculiarity of the sparsely populated area, we also started to offer the service in a massage salon on wheels, or Elan Massage bus, which enables mobile massage service mainly in Pärnu and Lääne County, but we serve multi-day events further afield. Just thinking about multi-day events with a larger number of participants, we decided to adapt one of the bigger buses as a massage parlor.


We applied for support from the PLPK LEADER program to furnish the bus. Within the framework of measure 19.2 of the support for rural development accompanying the common agricultural policy of the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2014-2020, our request was granted according to the decision of the Director General of PRIA No. 13-21.2/22/1352, the amount of the support is 10534.45 eur. The aim of the project is to adapt a bigger bus than before for the year-round provision of massage services to meet the needs in rural areas. According to PRIA Director General's decision No. 12498223, Mändel OÜ has also been granted support for the purchase of solar heating panels, ground heating system, central heating stove and kitchen equipment for a holiday home and for the construction of a boiler house as part of the project support. As a result of the investment, the quality of the offered services will be improved.